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A banner stand design that empowers your message.

A banner stand display made for great communication, XFoot S10 gives you the option of double exposure as well as adjusting the height of the image. With its unique folding foot the display is elegant and has great stability. Discreet snap profiles make it easy to change the image.

XFoot S10
With its spring-loaded foot, the XFoot S10 becomes very balanced
XFoot S10
XFoot S10 comes with an attractive and durable bag equipped with a shoulder strap
  • Features

    • Swedish Design & Quality
    • Multiple Graphic Sizes
    • Double-Sided Option
    • Unique Folding Foot
    • Premium Carry Bag

  • Specifications

    XFoot S10 600 (23")
    Viewable Graphic Area: 23.625"(w) x 82.5"(h)
    Weight: 8 lbs.

    XFoot S10 800 (31")
    Viewable Graphic Area: 31.5"(w) x 82.5"(h)
    Weight: 9 lbs.

    XFoot S10 850 (33")
    Viewable Graphic Area: 33.5"(w) x 82.5"(h)
    Weight: 9 lbs.

    XFoot S10 1000 (39")
    Viewable Graphic Area: 39.4"(w) x 82.5"(h)
    Weight: 10 lbs.

Options & Accessories:

Lotus Banner Stand Light
Lotus Banner Stand Light

Energy efficient LED spot light with adjustable clamp for vertical mounting to upright banner stand poles.

Top Bar Connector
Top Bar Connector

Clips to and joins the top bar of multiple banner stand units together to create the effect of a single larger graphic.

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