Fabric Graphics

Graphic Services

Printing high-definition graphics and images on fabric has rapidly become the new global standard. The reasons for this are many: the aesthetic eye-catching and stunning quality, the versatility of fabric, the ease of transport and installation, the longevity and repeatable use of the fabric prints, the significant environmental benefits, and the overall cost efficiency. Our fabric graphics are printed to the best quality fire retardant & wrinkle-free materials that are engineered to fit specific hardware systems and do not crease or sag when installed. It doesn’t stop there, a perfect fabric graphic is only as good as the sewing and finishing process. We work with sewing and finishing experts, some of whom have been in the business for over a decade resulting in fabric graphics with both vibrant colour accuracy and excellent craftsmanship.



The remarkable difference in image quality, detail and colour is unmatched with our Dye-Sublimated Fabric Graphics. With custom Pantone spot colour matching combined with the latest printing technology, your graphics will remain vibrant and sharp. Concerned about your graphics becoming soiled on-site during set-up and dismantle? Not to worry, our graphics are machine washable with excellent results.

Silicone Edge Graphics

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics)

One large graphic...a beautiful blank canvas just waiting for your creativity to explode without limits. The revolutionary full graphic system that puts the power of exhibit design, start to finish, in your hands. SEG Fabric Graphics are finished with a silicone welting sewn to the back perimeter edge of the fabric. Unlike round beaded finishing options, SEG is a flat silicone welting. This edge is then easily inserted into a groove on the perimeter of the frame to create a taut, wrinkle-free flat display. SEG can be used on several types of extrusion systems.