Panoramic P-line
Panoramic P-line


Easy Set-Up

easy set-up

Panoramic P-line

The portable Panoramic display solution that travels with you.

  • Portable trade show exhibits and event displays.
  • Packed & transported in wheeled transport bag(s).
  • Profiles are shorter than 48” allowing you to transport your display within your own vehicle.
  • Set-up your display without any assistance. The connection pieces do not require any tools or special expertise.
  • Create high impact large-format graphics that completely cover the display structure.

P-line displays pack and transport within one or two Wheeled Transport Bag(s).
Wheeled Transport Bag
The Wheeled Transport Bag is equipped with casters and can transport a maximum weight of 66 lbs.
Soft Profile Cover
Soft Profile Covers keep your P-line display components protected while in transit.