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The H-line Trade Show Solution

Creating exhibits that look this good has never been easier.

Purchase or Rent the modular display system that your brand deserves. Discover how the H-line Trade Show Solution will improve your next exhibiting experience.

  • H-line 24' x 58' Exhibit - Travel Alberta RVC2017
  • H-line 10' x 20' Exhibit - Wallace Fleming
  • H-line 10' x 20' Exhibit - Epic Roofing
  • H-line 10' x 20' Exhibit - 3% Realty
  • H-line 20' x 30' Exhibit - Enbridge GLOBE 2016
H-line Modules
Create Form + Function

What is the H-line Trade Show Solution?

H-line is the revolutionary display system that allows you to easily create your own customized exhibit or event display by mixing and matching pre-assembled frame modules. Each H-line module is designed to provide a specific function to your personalized display – available modules include TV mounts, product shelving, meeting tables, reception counters, secure storage and more!

Choose your H-line modules to create your custom exhibit

Building your own H-line booth is quick and easy – simply choose the modules that offer both the form and functions you need for your entirely personalized trade show, conference or event display.

Convert an H-line 10' x 10' exhibit into a 10' x 20' exhibit

With the H-line display system, you can build different configurations using the same set of frame modules.

H-line modules can be interchanged and repositioned offering limitless configuration opportunities. This means that your H-line booth will always be able to adapt to different exhibit spaces, sizes and display environments.

H-line grows with you

The H-line Trade Show Solution grows with you…

Are you a new exhibitor with a limited budget? Don’t restrict yourself to standard pull-up banners or pop-up displays – begin with the H-line essentials. Purchase or rent a basic set of H-line modules to get you started. At any time, you can add new booth modules and functions as your trade show requirements increase or change.

H-line 10' x 20' Exhibit Render - Alaska Highway

H-line booth graphics designed by Mad Reality

Get noticed with full-coverage brand imagery & messaging.

H-line graphics are printed on a special opaque, fire-retardant polyester fabric that is fit into the module frames with perfect tension for an entirely wrinkle-free look. Unlike typical modular exhibit systems that simply frame your graphics between visible posts and beams, H-line graphics fully cover the display structure allowing for completely branded booth visuals with virtually seamless communication.

  • H-line 10' x 20' Exhibit - Alaska Highway
  • H-line 10' x 20' Exhibit - Alaska Highway
H-line 10' x 20' Exhibit Rentals
H-line 10' x 10' Exhibit Rentals

The H-line Rental Program

Reduce your exhibiting costs while maximizing your brand’s trade show exposure and reach.

Experience all of the added benefits and functionality of exhibiting with an H-line trade show booth solution without needing the room to store it and the hassle of shipping it. H-line rentals provide you with your own personalized booth configuration including full-coverage custom branded fabric graphics, with the H-line module hardware components and accessories offered at approximately a third of the purchase price.

H-line Exhibits For Rent

H-line Exhibit Rental Program

The Best Rental Exhibit – Anywhere

Using an extensive dealer network with H-line available in most major cities, the H-line Rental Program means that you can rent the same H-line booth configuration for your trade show locations across North America without the steep booth crate shipping & material handling costs. Simply ship your H-line fabric graphics to the certified H-line distributor nearest to your next exhibiting event and your personalized H-line rental booth configuration will be delivered to your venue set-up with your graphics.

H-line Turnkey Booth Solution - Just Show Up!

The H-line Trade Show Solution can provide you assistance with your exhibiting experience every step of the way. By choosing the H-line turnkey modular display system, there’s no need to worry about crate storage, time-sensitive booth shipping & logistics or confusing labour and services forms. Whether you purchase or rent – just show up at your trade show, conference or event venue and your very own personalized H-line booth will be delivered, installed and ready for you to start exhibiting with impact.

  • H-line 20' x 50' Exhibit - Enbridge GLOBE 2016

H-line Crate Storage

H-line Crate Storage

Shipping & Logisitics

Shipping & Logistics

Trade Show Services

Trade Show Services

Set-Up & Dismantle

Set-Up & Dismantle

H-line Trade Show Solutions Adapt to Any Exhibit Size & Space.

H-line booth graphics designed by Leo Burnett Toronto

Get started today and create your own H-line Trade Show Solution…

H-line Exhibits - Trade Show Booth Kits

Pre-designed modular H-line booth configurations offered for purchase or rent.

Purchase or rental, H-line Trade Show Booth Kits can be supplied as complete turnkey modular exhibit solutions that include the design of your custom display graphics, storage of your booth crates, and delivery set-up & dismantle of your own personalized configuration – just show up! Visit the H-line Booth Kit Library and view specifications, pricing and options for complete trade show booth kits designed for 10’ x 10’ and larger exhibit spaces.

H-line Booth Concept Proposal

We would love to show you how H-line wears your brand.

See how an H-line booth kit looks with your brand or receive a personalized design of your very own custom display configuration. Requesting your free, no obligation custom branded H-line Booth Concept proposal couldn’t be easier.

Panoramic Full Visual System - 100% of the surface is dedicated to your message.

The modular system that puts the spotlight on your image.

Panoramic is the revolutionary modular display system that brought you H-line. Learn more about Panoramic which features virtually seamless fabric graphics that completely cover the display structure...

Browse through all of the Panoramic display solutions to learn more and discover the system that’s right for you…

Panoramic p-line
Panoramic p-line


Easy Set-Up

easy set-up

The portable solution, ideal for 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’ spaces. Structure profiles are cut in half and transported in wheeled cases.

Panoramic h-line
Panoramic h-line


Rental Option

rental option

The modular solution, ideal for 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, 10’ x 30’ and 20’ x 20’ spaces. Structure frames are pre-assembled and shipped in crates. Available For Rent!

Panoramic c-line
Panoramic c-line

The creative solution, ideal for customized exhibits and displays.

Panoramic lightbox
Panoramic lightbox

Spectacular backlit exhibits and displays to give your message added impact.

Panoramic counters
Panoramic counters

Elegant, functional counters wrapped in customizable dye-sublimation fabric graphics.

Panoramic tv stands
Panoramic tv stands

Freestanding monitor displays wrapped in customizable dye-sublimation fabric graphics.

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