Custom Crates

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Custom Crates

Protect your investment with customized crating solutions.

With solid wood construction, our crates are designed to handle life on the road. We thoughtfully design your crate to work with your exhibit system in a way that will make unloading & repacking your crate less of a headache. With customized compartments & partitions, you can ensure that even your most delicate display materials will arrive at your show safe and sound.

Why choose a custom crate?

Custom Crates - Custom built for your display

Custom built for your display

Custom fabricated crates with internal compartments built specifically for your display's components offer the greatest protection for your investment.

Custom Crates - Pre-assembled display components

Pre-assembled display components

Crates allow for the packing & storing of pre-assembled display components which saves you time and money in the set-up and dismantling of your exhibit.

Custom Crates - Staying organized

Staying organized

Custom built crate compartments assist in grouping your display components together for an organized and efficient exhibit set-up, dismantle and packing.

Custom Crates - Safe & secure

Safe & secure

Internal slide-out storage bins ensure your fragile display components are safe and secure when shipping your exhibit crate.