Skyscraper Mightee Mount

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Skyscraper Mightee Mount

Sturdy structural support for 1/2" rigid graphics.

Sold in pairs at specific upright post heights, Skyscraper Mightee Mounts support 1/2" thick rigid graphics up to 60" wide. Special centre uprights available for connecting wider spans. Kits include two side uprights with set screws and laser cut steel bases.

Skyscraper Mightee Mount
Set screws hold graphic in place
Skyscraper Mightee Mount
Graphics can extend beyond the height of the upright posts (7/8" margin hidden on each side of the graphic)
Skyscraper Mightee Mount
Skyscraper Mightee Mount kit with centre upright addition
  • Features

    • Attractive 1" x 2" oval aluminum upright posts with weighted steel bases
    • Create wider graphic spans with centre upright post addition
    • Offered in satin silver or matte black

  • Specifications

    Kits include 2 side uprights with headless screws and laser cut steel bases.
    SKMM6 72" high, 20 lbs.
    SKMM7 84" high, 21 lbs.
    SKMM8 96" high, 22 lbs.

    Centre uprights
    Add centre upright to create spans wider than 60" (sold individually).
    SKCU6 72" high, 14 lbs.
    SKCU7 84" high, 15 lbs.
    SKCU8 96" high, 18 lbs.