4 Brochure

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4 Brochure

A premium compact & lightweight mesh literature display.

4 Brochure consists of literature pockets on a transparent mesh fabric. The stand rolls up easily and is transported in a practical and discreet bag. Available in both 4-pocket and 8-pocket models, the 4 Brochure is a cost-effective yet remarkably stable option for presenting your literature.

4 Brochure
To dismantle the unit, simply detach the supporting foot & pole and roll up the mesh fabric
4 Brochure
Compact & lightweight padded nylon transport bag included
  • Features

    • Available in single width 4-pocket and double width 8-pocket models
    • Full height pockets prevent single pages and/or sheets from curling over
    • Extremely compact and lightweight

  • Specifications

    4-Pocket Unit
    Size (Assembled):
    11.25"(w) x 58.5"(h) x 11.75"(d)
    Weight: 3.5 lbs.
    Max Load (A4):
    75 sheets/pocket

    8-Pocket Unit
    Size (Assembled):
    21.625"(w) x 58.5"(h) x 11.75"(d)
    Weight: 4.2 lbs.
    Max Load (A4):
    50 sheets/pocket

    Carry Bag
    22.25"(w) x 2.375"(h) x 6.25"(d)